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Sparkie Robot (Chinese Tin) $16.95
This is a wind-up lithographed tin robot that moves around with sparks shooting from its chest.
Gort $29.95
A wind-up tin robot from the movie The Day The Earth Stood Still. Gort was a galactic policeman on a distant planet in a galaxy far away. It was designed by the people of that planet as a keeper of the law. Features a visor that can be manually opened and closed. Made in China. About 8.5 inches tall.
Astronaut (Blue) $650.00
From Osaka Tin Toy Institute, this is a battery operated (two D-cells) lithographed tin robot. Originally made by Rosko TOy of Japan, this reproduction was released in 1993. Walks and stops, lifts his walkie-talkie and talks back, lights flash in his receiver set and in his clear helmet. Limited edition of 1,000 pieces. Comes with a numbered certificate. Made in Japan. 13 inches tall.
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