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Liliput $19.95
10" High - Orange Key  
Elektra Robot $15.95
She came to Earth in a Huge spaceship and said nothing.
She wandered the streets of Metropolis as if searching for something. People began to call her Elektra because of the lightnin bolts on her clothes and in her hand. She looked ominous, but acted harmless.
A metallic book was found. After weeks of decoding, the cover was finally translated as "To Serve Man." Everyone relaxed.
Her spaceship began taking thousands of humans back to her planet. They were eager to go on theadventure of a lifetime.
Then after further translation, it was discovered that "To Serve Man" was a cookbook.
Roxy Robot $15.95
Are you working too hard and feel stressed out? Are you always tired and never have enough time?
If you have any of these symptoms, our new Roxy Robot might be just the toy for you!
Can you imagine having your own domestic robot to pick up around the house, make dinner and look after your every wish? What's better is she'll work for free and never needs time off. You don't even have to feed her. Just wind her up and take a nap.
Sweet dreams!
Skiing Robot Wind-up $17.95
Diving Robot Wind-up
Wind-up X-27 Explorer
China Tin, 8 1/2" tall.
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