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Item Description / Price
Item # and Picture
Mini Bunny wind-ups $3.95
Mini Chick wind-ups $3.95
Mini Frog wind-ups $3.95
Mini Penguin wind-ups $3.95
Penguin wind-ups $3.00
Nunzilla wind-up $3.95

Wind her up and she trudges forward like a determined disciplinary force, shooting sparks from her mouth!
Pinguin wind-ups [2] $3.00
Lost Luggage wind-up $3.00

The next time your luggage heads off to Maui as you touch down in Toronto, you'll wish all suitcases were like this!
Tortoise wind-up $3.00
Running Nose wind-up $3.00

This 2.5" tall soft rubber nose with hard plastic feet runs across the table when you wind it up!

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