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Ballerina Jewelry Box $24.95
A great new shape for the jewelry box. When open, the box plays asimple tune while the ballerina pirouettesin front of the mirror. 5.25" across.
Vodoo Doll $6.95
We think you know what to do with this. We hope you only use the white pins. However, since you have free choice in this life, we have supplied the black pins as well!  
Smoking Elephant Cigarette Dispenser $6.95
Smoking Donkey Cigarette Dispenser $6.95
No, the donkey doesn't smoke. You smoke (even though you probably shouldn't) and being the suave smoker you are, you want the latest in smoking accessories. This donkey is for you! Fits about twenty-five cigarettes.
Martian Popping Thing $7.95
An Accroutments classic! It's 4.25" tal, made of soft, orange rubber, and when you squeeze it, it's eyes, ears and nose pop out.
Punching Puppets $8.95
Each of these 12" puppets has a plastic head that bobs on aspring while you manipulate the levers under the cloth outfit to make it throw devastating jabs and uppercuts.
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Fighting Nun - Fighting for what's right!
Alien Punching Puppet - Eyes glow in the dark!
Honest Abe Punching Puppet
Red Devil Punching Puppet - He doesn't fight fair!!
Punching Rabbi - Fighting for wisdom for 3000 years!
Chattering Tetth Key Wind-up $3.00
Flying Cow $5.95
Flying Pig $5.95
Jesus Nodder $7.95
The Jesus Nodder is a plastic bobble-headed tribute to a remarkable man. Humbly dressed in common robes, Jesus stands 7.5" tall and offers a gesture of blessing with his hand.
The Simpsons Bendables Box Set $20.00
Betty Boop Bendable $5.00
Felix the Cat Bendable $5.00


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