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Curious George Jack in the Box $25.95
Classic tin Jack in the Box, featuing the lovable Curious George.
Curious George Keepsake $10.95
In some of his most famous poses, Curious George is all over this new Keepsake Box. George fans won't be able to resist! 7.5" tall.
Curious George Keepsake (2) $10.95
The sturdy keepsake box supports vibrant George colors! 7.5"x6"
Curious George Car $8.95
See George Curious go zipping by in his fabulous wooden car with rubber wheels. Red only. 6" length.
Curious George String Toy $20.95
Watch Curious George ride his unicycle along the tight rope. Raising and lowering his string causes him to pedal back and forth.
Curious George Top $14.95
Watch the antics of Curious George as he spins around on this colorful tin top. 8"x9".
Curious George Pinball Game $5.50

Item Description / Price
Item # and Picture
Bride of Chucky 37.50
Battery Crawling Soldier $10.95
Cymbal Monkey $8.95


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